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What is the meaning of the "Outsourcing Paradox"?
Are there any general parameters or rules to assess the cost of contract or deal governance on the outsourcing buy side?
Is outsourcing a fad, a management tool, or an economic necessity?
What activities, functions or processes are most likely to be outsourced by companies?
The development of the Statement of Work for the contract is very time consuming. Is there a way to do this more efficiently and faster?
Is buying services similar or different from buying goods, and if different, in what way?
A vendor made a calculation mistake at the contract negotiation table. The error is material and to our advantage. What is the best way to deal with this?
Vendor site visits seem to be a recommended part of a vendor evaluation process in procurement (RFP). Is there a way to be more precise when considering the vendor site visit results in the final vendor evaluation?
We have prepared an economic model of our outsourcing deal. Part of the model are payments to be made to the vendor in cases of termination for convenience or buyer's (our) breach. Should we provide in the model, in such termination cases, payments to the vendor of all or a part of the profit expected for the remaining duration of the deal?
The end of an outsourcing deal has many scenarios. Is there a comprehensive check-list to ensure that all scenarios are properly analysed in the deal economic model and documented in the deal?
Both Vendors and Beneficiaries (buyers) use the term "Partnership" describing the relationship. Is this appropriate?
Checking vendor references is a recommended part of a vendor evaluation process in procurement (RFP). Is there a way to quantify reference check results in the final vendor evaluation?

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