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Is there a way to assess quickly if a price submitted by a Vendor (Proponent) is reasonable, feasible or a "bait and switch"?
Our deal requires the Vendor to monitor and manage equipment our company owns. These services are subject to the SLA. After recently replacing this equipment in question, the Vendor claims that they can no longer monitor and perform the services at the same levls and prices since that will require additional resources on the Vendor or equipment Supplier side. What is your advice?
Most prospective buyers of outsourcing servicies expect savings in the range of 20% compared to the internal costs. What are the sources of these potential savings?
Prior to finalizing our outsourcing contract, the vendor will conduct a due diligence process. What are pro's and con's of such process? What should we do to be ready for the due due diligence process to be conducted by the vendor team?
This site mentions the creation and sharing of new value through outsourcing. We (us the buyer and the vendor) have an existing outsourcing deal, where the vendor profits appear inadequate and the measured savings are becoming too thin. What are some of the ways new value can be created and shared?
What are the pro's and con's of outsourcing TRANSACTION PRICING versus conventional pricing?
Our outsourcing vendor requests that we pay in advance for the services provided. We believe this to be unusual. What is the prevalent practice in the market?
Our outsourcing deal includes incentives for the vendor to reduce the overall cost to us (the buyer). How do we make sure the vendor will do that when reducing our costs means billing less?
What are advantages and disadvantages of conventional daily (or hourly) rates vs. blended daily rates for project oriented outsourced work?
Does the Outsourcing transaction increase the risk to the buyer of outsourced services?
Different Vendors, or consortia of vendors, represent different risk profiles. Can such risks be taken into account in evaluating the proposals?
Is there a straight forward method to conduct a risk adjusted price evaluation of submitted outsourcing bids?

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