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Is the scope of activities the same during the contract term?
Can the scope of an outsourcing contract be flexible?
How can the internal scope and cost of services be calculated to ensure that the scope of outsourcing is well defined?
We need the vendor to conduct some activities that were not in scope when the agreement was signed. Most of these activities were not known at the time, others became necessary as a result of the fact that we are a regulated industry. Given the in-scope equipment and processes, no other vendor can do the work. Is there a way to avoid the significant overpayments and delays we experience?
Our outsourcing deal includes project oriented work. The amount of this work is substantial. If the acceptance test is not conducted by us (the buyer) in 60 days, the work result is DEEMED ACCEPTED . We have several cases where we paid for work, the results have not been properly tested by us, and the results are not acceptable, but since the are DEEMED ACCEPTED , we cannot do much about it. Can anything be done to avoid it?
Should the in-house cost (or budget) be disclosed to bidders as part of the RFP?
How can it be determined if the SLA in the contract or the RFP is adequate?
Is there a way to estimate what the total amount at risk (i.e., maximum SLA remedies) should be for the SLA?
Our (the buyer) SLA has a few Metrics where there are some dependencies between work done us (the buyer) and work that needs to be done by the vendor. We have endless finger pointing disputes when it comes to applying remedies when such Metrics are not met. How do other buyers deal with this issue?
In our (vendor) SLA there are several Metrics that are not met in the case of certain incidents. As a result, we pay multiple escalating remedies for the same incident. Can this be addressed?

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