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Tudor Negrea is an accredited Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences.  His career and interests span many disciplines, and establish a track record of solid achievements.

webcam-3.jpgAn over-achiever, Tudor has directly handled, at executive level, all aspects of the Outsourcing field from Delivery to Selling, from Buying outsourcing services (as a large client) to Advising to large Banks and Governments, from pure IT Infrastructure to Business Process and Transaction Outsourcing.

His experience covers both sides of the Atlantic, and he is fluent is several languages.  The community interests lead him to teaching, and serving in the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the University of Waterloo, and the McMichael Arts Foundation.

Tudor Negrea is the Managing Partner of TAU GROUP Inc. established in 1989.
The consulting Firm provides business advice on Outsourcing Relationship Engineering.  Highlights of his experience follow:

♦ Multi billion dollars in deals structured and negotiated (Total Contract Value);
♦ 5 years in marketing and Systems Engineering with DataCrown;
♦ 8 years as C.I.O with multi billion dollar Canadian Industrial and Retail consortium [Molson];
♦ 15 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, as Partner in charge of the largest outsourcing and contract negotiations;
♦ Business Transformation Outsourcing Leader for IBM Canada (following the acquisition of PwC Consulting by IBM).

To note some of the deals structured and negotiated are:

♦ Symcor - the largest cheque and item processing business processing utility
♦ Integrated Justice in Ontario
♦ Drive Clean Ontario Programme
♦ B.C. Online
♦ National Bank of Canada [First Canadian Bank IT outsourcing contract]
♦ Ontario Ministry of Social Services Business Transformation Initiative
♦ Hospital Business Services (HBS - Plexxus)
Tudor frequently writes and speaks at industry events, and is considered one of the most creative experts in the field.  His ideas and original approach in negotiating lead to the formation of several co-sourcing structures where competitors joined forces to harvest additional scale through business utility processing.  Relationship  Engineering is the proprietary method and approach for optimizing the services supply chain to create and share economic value through scalability 

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